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Disordered 30 Day Boost


WhatsApp Group Support

With Josh & Drew

Join Our Exclusive WhatsApp Group for Anxiety Support


We've created a specialized WhatsApp group dedicated to helping individuals manage and overcome their anxiety. Our mission is to educate, motivate, and build a nurturing environment that fosters growth and positivity.


Here's What to Expect:


1. Application: Begin your journey by applying.

2. Interview & Onboarding: If your application is successful, you'll be invited for an interview and onboarding session with either me, Drew, or both.

3. Exclusive Group Access: Dive into an intimate community experience. Our group is limited to 12 members, ensuring quality interactions, with Drew and I included.

4. Daily Engagement: Expect daily check-ins, mentorship, coaching, and prompt answers to your questions.

5. Goal Setting: We'll guide you in setting and achieving meaningful goals.

6. Support & Advice: Lean on us and the community for insight and advice.

7. Lighthearted Fun: We promise some cringeworthy jokes to lighten the mood!

8. Celebrate & Share: Share your achievements, uplift others, and bask in mutual encouragement.

9. Coffee Room Access: Join our always-open Zoom session, aptly named the "coffee room", where Drew and I occasionally drop in for a chat.

10. Closing Celebrations: Conclude with awards and a virtual party, celebrating all your progress.



If this perks your interest, we welcome you to apply below. 

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