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Therapy & Advice

Working with Josh

Individual Therapy (Currently Closed Due to Book Launch)

Work one-to-one with Josh at his Manchester-based practice.

Ask me a Therapy Question.
Get my answer in your Inbox
(Currently Closed Due to Book Launch)


Have a specific question about anxiety that you would like me to answer professionally? Can provide written and audio answers to your specific request straight to your inbox.

Stop Fearing Fear Course
Start Immediately
$149 / £120 (est.)

Discover a personalized self-help journey designed by me, tailored to navigate you through panic, elevated anxiety, and agoraphobia.

The course offers enriching videos, comprehensive materials, and exclusive access to our supportive Facebook community. Embark on this transformative path at a pace that suits you!


Disordered Boost

30 Day Support Group

Exclusive 30-Day Mentorship with Josh & Drew:

Dive into daily support on both WhatsApp and video sessions. Benefit from the expertise of two professionals and connect with a nurturing community of like-minded peers.

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